Trail Connections

The Hiking Program

Trail Connections is a network of B&B's located along the East Coast Trail.  We allow hikers, whether solo or in groups, to hike our scenic paths without worrying about transportation, finding a place to stay or where to eat.


Instead of simply hiking from B&B to B&B, as is possible in Europe, you stay 2-4 days with each host and hike from that central location during the day, then spend your evenings enjoying a home cooked  meal and a comfortable bed.  You get to know our friendly hosts and their communities, each one offering a different experience.  Our hiker-friendly service includes accommodation, 3 meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch, supper) and complementary transportation to and from the trail heads as well as in-between B&B's.  Your last host will get you back to the airport or to St. John’s.


The hiking tour we suggest along the East Coast Trail takes about 8-12 days to complete and offers you a great variety of coastal scenery.  Shorter trips are possible.  Our most extensive itinerary will lead you from north to south (or vice versa) along the trail.  Your hosts will assist you to hike the paths in their vicinity while taking into account the weather, the condition of the particular trail section, as well as your level of fitness and ambition.  You hike on your own risk with the help of our excellent set of maps.  Your host will get you to the trail head and meet you again at the end of the hike, making sure that you return safely.


To take a break from hiking, you can explore other sites and activities such as boat tours to the Witless Bay Bird Islands, an ecological reserve teeming with nesting seabirds, where early in the season icebergs and whales are often seen.   A visit to the archaeological site at Ferryland and opportunities for sea kayaking can be arranged as well.  Additional charges may apply.


Before leaving the province, St. John’s with its lively cultural scene is well worth visiting. Here you have access to a system of hiking trails in the city, the Grand Concourse.


If you plan to spend another wonderful week or more in Newfoundland, our coordinator will be glad to make suggestions for further touring, sightseeing and hiking.


You can start your holiday at any time during the hiking season (May - October). For groups of more than 6 hikers we recommend early booking to ensure that we have enough space. Participating hosts tend to be small local B&B's that sometimes work together to accommodate larger groups.